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Studio Harris

Design With Meaning. That’s the driver behind what we do: gently stripping away layers of distracting ‘noise’ to reveal a pared-back ethos that conveys the truth of who our clients truly are: thinking, feeling human beings who want to live/work/play in a real space that will grow as they do.

We’re passionate about how design can change lives as well as the integrity of the design intention so that the finished result works to enhance the lives of the humans that inhabit those spaces.

We’re invested in the use of honest materials and spatial solutions that improve efficiency, restore balance, increase connection, improve productivity and embed an overall sense of wellbeing in our clients’ lives.

Lastly, we consider the alchemy of every element of our work against the tapestry of our clients’ daily habits, working to engage the senses and evoke an engaged, emotive reaction.

As founder and director of Studio Harris, Lynne Harris is a multi-disciplinary interior architect with 20+ years’ experience in full-scope design projects for residential and commercial clients (including Ogilvy, Virgin Active, Devil’s Peak Brewery, Ernst & Young and Black River F.C.) and community/public spaces. She collaborates with an established network of designers and artisans to translate each design brief into a meaningful reality.

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